Why Buy Teona Perfume Dealership?

– Create a new social environment for yourself and meet new people.
– You experience the trust of working with a perfume company that makes people satisfied with their quality, not from time to time.
– ARZU Cosmetics always offers new opportunities for you to progress.
– Increases your knowledge about perfume.


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You will have a different understanding of trade with Teona Parfum’s high quality product focus and customer satisfaction. Unlike the market, not 1 time, meet our long-term working system.


A story from the perfumer

The opening story of Teona Parfume in the Thousand and One Nights Tales with the mystery of the SECRET series, with the curiosity of the shoe owner, with the PORTO Fresh and its ambitious scent, taking a stroll in the blue world with Sinbad’s ship. The scent of treasure in Ali Cave’s cave enriches your imagination. When everything is over, there may be a single explanation of those who pass by your eyes. Listen to the tales of sultan and reach the end of the BİNBİR NIGHT with the fragrance of TEONA perfume in the rich dinner table of the Şehrazat.

By the Numbers

Teona Perfume

4We Bring to the Continent
800We have smell
650We have a point
40We Reached Million People


With our ever-increasing product range, we continue to add new ones to our dealers. You can also join Teona Open Perfume Dealership !